PETR SHVETSOV (b. 1970, Leningrad, USSR). Lives & works in St. Petersburg. Works with painting and graphics. One of the very few of his generation, he uses old-fashioned technique and seeks new opportunities in it.

The main goal of his art is to make beauty, which is so few around. Petr Shvetsov searches for the lost harmony and turns to the past. 

His art is expressive that is why he still manages to shock, touch the audience on the raw, that stands ready for anything.

Primary solo exhibitions


  • Not What It Seems, Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg
  • TechMech, Carillon Gallery, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX


  • Nonfigurative Units, Gallery 15, St. Petersburg
  • Cannibal, making a sacrifice in a sacred grove, with Shishkin-Hokusai, Museum of Casts, Academy Of Arts, St.Petersburg
  • Alter Idem, Petrikirche, St. Petersburg


  • My First Teacher. Leningrad School, Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • No name, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg
  • The Advantages of Spiders, with Katya Granova, Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • New Painting , Gallery Anna Nova St. Petersburg
  • Memorial Modeling , American University Museum, Katzen Arts Center, Washington D.C.


  • Capital of Nowhere, parallel programme of 55 biennale, Venice, Italy


  • Twilight State, Gallery Anna Nova, St. Petersburg


  • “Tile“, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • Apologia of Narcissism , Gallery Lyuda, St. Petersburg
  • Swamps , Gallery Anna Nova, St. Petersburg


  • The Women’s Question. Selskaya Zhizn ’ G allery, St. Petersburg Bird Haven . Gallery NOMI, St. Petersburg
  • Aviary, NOMI Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The nightingale sings when he wants to , Open Space Gallery, St. Petersburg
  • Call me and I will do whatever you want (with Andrei Rudyev), Nord Art, Germany


  • Fence, Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The Living and the Dead . Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg The Fence , Navicula Artis, St. Petersburg
  • New Paintings. In the Badger’s Hole. Belka and Strelka Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • 52 Minutes, Gallery project “Neva Tower,” St. Petersburg
  • Tsusima , State History Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg (in collaboration with the National Center of Contemporary Art and Navicula Artis)


  • Head of an Architect, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • Shadow Spaces, State Hermitage Museum (in conjunction with the program “Contemporary art in Petrograd, Leningrad, Petersburg in the 20 th Century )
  • Contemporary art in Petrograd, Leningrad, St. Petersburg. 20th century. With the participation of National Centre for Contemporary Arts and Nаvicula Artis Gallery
  • Columbarium, State Geological Museum, St. Petersburg (as part of ProArte Institute’s Contemporary Art in Traditional Museums Festival)
  • Drawings , Gallery Mit’ki VKHUTEMAS, St. Petersburg


  • Airplanes , Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • Avions , Le Garage, Lourges, France
  • Aeroplanes , Art Angar Center of Contemporary Art, Solovki, Russia


  • Abstract , British Council Russia, St. Petersburg


  • Mixed Fights (with M. Gavrichkov), National Centre Gallery, St. Petersburg


  • Petr Shvetsov and Petr Bely , Odense University, Odense, Denmark


  • Sherburne School , Sherbume, England
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Public exhibitions


  • Mor20, Kunsthalle nummer sieben, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Condition of the inner beard, Kunsthalle nummer sieben, St. Petersburg


  • Olympus, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg
  • Metamorphosis, Museum of the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg


  • "Gnome-eaters of snakes at the museum" (collaboration with Alexandr Shishkin-Hokusai), Book graphic library, St. Petersburg


  • Signal Project, St. Petersburg


  • My granny was right, Nord Art, Germany


  • Collage in Russia, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg


  • Forward/Backwards, Sevastopol State Art Museum, Ukraine
  • Black BMW, Hutto Gallery, Helsinki


  • Art Manezh 2004, Moscow, Russia
  • the Ark, Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Harm Publishing House Presents, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Histoires Graves, Office de la Culture, Brignoles, France
  • Gardens of Paradise, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg


  • First Graphics Biennale, St. Petersburg Union of Artists, St. Petersburg
  • Sculpture and Recreation Garden, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg


  • Desire and Pursuit of the Whole, Pro Arte Institute, St. Petersburg. Curated by Christopher Gordon
  • Brut Art Demobilization Albums, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg


  • Two Hundred Years of Lithography, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg


  • Artgenda, Arts Festival of Baltic Countries as part of Copenhagen’s, Cultural Capital of Europe celebrations Idaho State University at Boise, USA


  • Book Garden, Manchester Royal Exchange, England


  • Petr Shvetsov and Petr Bely, House of food industry culture, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The Exhibition Hall of Moskovsky District, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • Time of Transition, City Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol and travelling; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; The Library
  • Hull , Ferens Art Gallery
  • Ramsgate, The Library Gallery
  • Swansea , Ceri Richards Gallery , University College
  • Gallery, Ramsgate; Ceri Richards Gallery, University College, Swansea; Flaxman Gallery, Staffordshire
  • London , Bankside Gallery
  • Gallery, Stoke on Trent; Bankside Gallery, London; Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
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  • The State Russian Museum
  • Russian National Library
  • New York Public Library
  • British State Library
  • Sakson State Library, Dresden
  • City of Odense, Denmark
  • State Library, Berlin
  • Institute of Contemporary Russian Culture, Los Angeles
  • University of California Library, St. Barbara
  • The Lilly Library, University of Indiana at Bloomington
  • University of Iowa Library at Iowa City
  • Kohler Art Library, University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Center for Printed Graphics, Jyväskala Art Museum, Finland
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