Marina Gisich Projects is a new gallery initiative with the unique exhibition program which is oriented on the experimental projects and artistic practices.

The idea of the platform is to follow up the interaction between the diverse spheres of the contemporary visual culture, where the visual arts is just one of the several elements.

The focus of Marina Gisich Projects is upon the projects at the intersection of visual arts, science, techniques, theatre, design, music, dance, performing practices.

The space is neighboring the main exhibition space of Marina Gisich Gallery at the same building on 121 Fontanka river embankment. It keeps the “story” - from 2009 to 2020 it was the primary space for the gallery.

Marina Gisich Projects finds one of its significant issues in helping circulation of the ideas and strategies between the various “culture agents”, institutions both inside the Russian artistic scene (where the infrastructure is just growing) and international professional community.

In this regard, this initiative is strategically oriented on the consecutive work and collaboration with the institutions and their curatorial teams and interaction with Russian and foreign independent curators.