2 march 2024 - 25 may 2024

Yuri Nikiforov's retrospective exhibition (1947 – 2016) opens at two venues of Marina Gisich Gallery. The idea of the exhibition is an ambitious attempt to make a "rediscovery" of an artist who has lived a busy creative life, but has not received due attention on the Russian art scene. The project was curated by Alexander Dashevsky.

"The last couple of years in Russian contemporary art have been marked by increased attention to archives, names that did not get into the wide museum and gallery exhibition rotation, to phenomena and events that received undeservedly little attention in the previous era. One such name is Yuri Nikiforov (1947-2016), whose impressive legacy has been little studied, and the ways in which his practice was described now seem superficial and irrelevant.

The rapprochement between Nikiforov and the Marina Gisich Gallery, which emerged in the last years of the artist's life, is now being developed in the form of a large two-part exhibition occupying both exhibition spaces of the gallery.

In the main halls there will be an exhibition "Broth for the Blind", which considers the brutal expressionism of Yuri Nikiforov as a complex socio-critical statement."

– Alexander Dashevsky