The 36th Higashikawa Awards. Higashikawa Bunka Gallery. Higashikawa, Japan. 2020.

30 march 2020 - 5 may 2020

Higashikawa Town declared the town of photography and established the Higashikawa Photography Awards in 1985 with the idea of contributing to and fostering photographic culture. Celebrating its 36th anniversary, Higashikawa Town holds the 36th Higashikawa award winners exhibition from March 30 to May 5 and the award ceremony on March 30. 

Every year they choose one country for the international photography award. Russia is a spotlight country in 2020 and Gregori Maiofis is the winner, chosen from more than 20 photographers who represent the contemporary Russian photography. The exhibition contains photographs that have been awarded the Overseas Photographer Award, the Domestic Photographer Award, the Special Photographer Award, and the Hidano Kazuuemon Award. More than 150 excellent works of 5 award winners will be on display in the Higashikawa Bunka Gallery which has been just renewed.