The graphic series Carnival was created by the artist in 2007. It consists of 24 multilayered canvases, which correspond to 24 letters of the Greek alphabet.

The first layer presents the text written by an Austrian woman-writer (Katharina Tiwald), which includes the Woman’s world, separated on single descriptions of her love and transformations caused by it. The text is on the German (the language of nation of warriorsconquerors) — sort of male dominant symbol. The text is typed with “Frankenstein” script. Frankenstein — is a child of a Woman (Mary Shelley).

The second layer embodies the image of a woman. Each woman image is followed by its name and series number; also — by age (recommended by somebody) when the girl should enter this image. Fairy, Geisha, the Puritan, Witch, etc. — all these fragments combine the unite space called a Woman. What is a Woman? What does it mean? What symbols should we use talking about it? And do these symbols exist actually? The source of images: the 19th-century European catalogue of carnival costumes for girls andyoung women.

The third layer — is a letter, a script — something that helps a human to go through and manage time and space. For instance, the Greek script which developed into the Latin script and then into the Slavic — keeping to serve as communication media till now; each Greek letter has its own amazing and beautiful name: Alpha, Zeta, Kappa, Upsilon, Omega. Alchemy and magic used these letters as its signs and codes. The Greek alphabet became the symbol source for various scientific disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry). The modern world transformed them into brands.

The forth layer (the lower) — shows the figure of a dismembered man body. This layer is hardly-seen and is hidden behind the previous layers. This is the most distant graphics area. There is only the white sheet further — place where everything has started and where it will end. The white sheet always stays behind the image’s back. This lifeless whiteness charms the author and makes him repeat the image over and over again.