14 june 2023 - 18 june 2023

The Marina Gisich Gallery pavilion will feature works by Grigory Maiofis, Vladimir Kustov, Olga Tobreluts, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, which to some degree all embody the idea of the changeability of the world and the illusory nature of the nature which we perceive as an absolute given. The fractal compositions by Gubanova and Govorkov resonate with the new work by Grigory Maiofis, where a female silhouette shown through the prism of a water surface breaks up and turns into a mirage. In Vladimir Kustov’s works from the series “The Elements”, the kaleidoscopic depictions of water and sky attain a crystal-clear abstract resonance, while the landscape by Olga Tobreluts seems to soothe us and return us to familiar ways and means of perceiving the world around us