CYBERFEST-12. 2019.

14 november 2019 - 30 november 2019

This year Marina Gisich Gallery will become one of the festival venues in St. Petersburg.

Exhibitors: Semyon Agroskin (Russia), Marina Alexeeva (Russia), Karin Andersen (Italy), Lyudmila Belova (Russia), Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov (Russia), Ellen K Levy (USA), Mark Lee (Switzerland), Kerim Ragimov (Russia), Ekaterina Sysoeva (Russia), Alexander Terebenin (Russia), Anna Frants (Russia / USA).

CYFEST is one of the biggest international festivals of media art, founded by a group of independent artists and curators in Saint Petersburg in 2007. CYFEST unites art professionals, programmers, engineers and media activists all over the world, expands territories and possibilities of contemporary art, intertwining it with various disciplines of science and technology.

Festival was a recipient of the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award 2018 in the Best Festival of Contemporary Art category.

CYFEST is an exceptional international project which promotes national media art abroad, and international art in Russia. In 2019, the festival projects were presented at the leading cultural institutions in New York, Rome, Venice and Moscow.

Curators: Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova.


The festival’s main project called ID is shaped around identification as a phenomenon with a wide range of meaning, from a term in psychoanalysis to personal identification documents. CYFEST 12 will familiarize the general public with projects in the fields of new media, VR, robotics, video art, sound art and web-based art.

“In a profane world the humankind has seemingly solved the identification issue. We have passports and birth certificates, leave the fingerprints, multiply selfies, fill in the authorization sheets etc. Our machines and mechanisms, gadgets and coffee machines hold numbers and barcodes. Everything is covered and everything is under control. However, it is most probably that exactly artists keep on asking themselves and society the perennial questions “Where are we from? What we are? Where are we going?““

Elena Gubanova, CYFEST co-curator