8 april 2021 - 22 may 2021

On April 8, Marina Gisich Gallery will see the opening of a solo exhibition of Kirill Chelushkin titled Lifestyle. The project presents works from two graphic series: About Spaces (2020) and Lifestyle (2019-2020).

The plots of the works rhyme, in both series Kirill Chelushkin speaks of a specific way of living. The artist is interested in relations between people, especially in misunderstood, strange and uncertain situations that are often artificially constructed.


‘Many events that seemed important and even symbolic, while marking a milestone in history, in fact turned out to be completely insignificant. Moreover, they had absolutely no consequences, except for the birth of legends. That is, for instance, aeronautics. Building of dirigibles. With the simultaneous rapid development of aircraft industry, dirigibles were completely not in demand either by the military industry or by civil aviation <...> In the end, we often only have an artistic reflection of these events. Legends, rumours, heroic images, and frequently nothing at all. That is, we are not talking about fixing the heroic, not about documenting events, but simply about the creation of myths, stories, and legends. This is how a way of life is created. We will never know the details.

<...> The chronicle always concerns the winner, it became possible for this reason only. The pictures that we see are exclusively the pictures of the winner, the survivor, otherwise we will never see them since they have been destroyed.

Thus, any documentary shooting is the truth of one side only, but we will never see the chronicle of the victim. A way of life is always heroic.’

Kirill Chelushkin.

New works were created by the artist in his Paris studio during the global pandemic.