13 july 2016 - 1 october 2016

According to Kirill Chelushkin, "A Happy Man" is "a discourse about the brief instances in life when a person experiences happiness in spite of the circumstances. This feeling manifests itself at the most

unexpected times.

It isn't affected by external and sometimes dismal everyday or emotional circumstances. A person can have these happy moments even during tragic or fateful turns of events. The mind inexplicably fragments reality, so happiness is interpreted as a side effect of something else you are doing or a certain event.

It is based on a recipe with unpredictable ingredients, diverse and difficult to analyze, but each variation has to be catalogued. This exhibition proclaims a mock-macabre positive view of hardship described in the language of catastrophic

realism – the art of finding everything positive in the absurdities and troubles of life.

Kirill Chelushkin