CHANNEL. 2013.

4 december 2013 - 20 january 2014

Marina Gisich gallery presents the new exhibition on the 4th of December. “Channel” is the seventh personal show of Peter Belyi at the gallery. This total installation is a logical and metaphorical continuation of his other work “Source”, which has been shown during the 5-th Moscow Biennale in terms of the main project.

I see the gallery space as a channel, long and narrow, with a stream flowing through it. This particular flow is based on several months of work on the installation SOURCE which I made for the Moscow Biennale. As it progressed, several variations, inlets, creeks, deep pools and stretches of river emerged. Variation, change of scenery, from source to delta, a change of models and fragments of the original immerse us in a world of evolution, the development of an image, sometimes consecutively, sometimes in a strange, disconnected, developing way. Fluidity can be named as the subject of this exhibition, fluidity, fluctuation, current, liquid, its nature, its metaphorical qualities, and the role of various liquids, the struggle with liquid and the need for it. Of course, we are talking mainly about its plasticity and not about its chemical composition, we are interested in how and not what, and here the idea is that the gallery is a channel allowing completely different things to flow through it without leaving a single trace on its walls, no sign of that which has flowed through and out of it – it was there and then wasn’t.”

Peter Belyi