27 june 2015 - 31 august 2015

Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai most of his career making small models of theatrical scenery, but do brilliant large-scale projects for streets on the past few years. That project — is the largest outdoor installation, it consists of more than 200 pieces. The figure of «teacher» has a hight of almost 12 meters. All figures are drawn by the author himself. The plot shows the installation ritual transfer of knowledge — a lesson similar to the mass. However, the «teacher» of the «disciples» differ only in the size and «social role». All installation characters — girls prepubertal age. Growing up on the artist — embedding the individual has to obviously absurd and repressive system of social relations, which is broadcast in the culture through the educational institutions — the church and the school. Therefore, never forget that adults — a great kids. The artist uses in his work specifics of the building — during the day in sunny weather, light passing through the window openings animates installation, gradually moving it highlights, as it ignites, the individual figures and the «disciples» of the group, leaving thw «teacher» is always in the shade.

The installation shows knowledge transfer as a ritual — a lesson looks like a mass. Shishkin-Hokusai thinks that growing up amounts to becoming a part of absurd and repressive system of social relationships, which is shown in culture by such institutes of upbringing and education as church and school.

The installation was shown for the first time at the exposition "Remember Tomorrow" in the Stree-Art Museum in St. Petersburg in 2015. The installation visited Ufa (December 2015 - January 2016) and is than came to Voronezh Art centre “Commune” as a part of VI International Platonov Arts Festival (June 2016).