23 may 2012 - 24 june 2012



MMOMA, Moscow.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the pop/off/art gallery and Marina Gisich Gallery, presents the show of Vitaly Pushnitsky, being his first museum-level retrospective in Moscow and featuring his works from the 1990s up till now.

Vitaly Pushnitsky (b. 1967) is an artist working in many different media. His art dwells on space and time, the origins of art and its present-day state. Being equally proficient in painting and sculpture, drawing and multimedia, Pushnitsky completes the list by incessantly inventing completely new techniques. By now he has gained international fame and the reputation of an iconic Saint-Petersburg artist.

Pushnitsky treats art as a mechanism of time. He sees the present-day artist as a binder bringing together different historical periods. The art of Pushnitsky explores an individual vision of time and elaborates the imagery of world landscapes, developing a personal spatial perspective, conducting a constant dialogue with classical artistic tradition and marrying it with contemporary art. The display will include several dozens of Vitaly Pushnitsky series developing into a complex narrative structure, with a central plot and many additional sub-plots,which when brought together will form one single ’story’. The curator has conceived his project in the form of a ’novel’, suggesting plurality of characters and narrative plots, all featured at different floors of the museum venue. Moscow exhibition will present a selection from several series, essential in Pushnitsky artistic quest, all works coming from a number of state and private museums and significant Russian and European private collections. The display will feature both some of his old paintings that have never been exhibited in Russia as yet and recent works created specifically for the space of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The show will be accompanied by a monographic catalogue with texts by Olesya Turkina and Jane Neil.