2 june 2015 - 1 september 2015


MMoMa, Moscow, Russia.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition of a young Moscow artist Tim Parchikov Features of Intuition, which brings together several of his projects: Foundation Pit, Suspense, Impossible Puzzle, Iceland. Runes, Shooting Room, Moscow Negatives, and Burning News. His art incorporating photography, video and neon – a medium novel for the author – explores historical, social and metaphysical context of the today’s world.

By combining free photo reportage with cinematic storytelling and a dose of suspense, he casts a special glance at our changing world and underlines its disturbing beauty.

Committed to transfer questions, Tim Parchikov discerns the moments of political and cultural changes and captures as many solitary figures as urban or rural landscapes, vibrant colors between bright light and deep shadow. Each of the series is made up as a narrative, spotting existing figures or invented characters, semi-intangible aspects and bleak spaces. All these images seem paradoxically interchangeable, and it is up to any spectator to resort to his or her memories or dreams to compose or recompose the world that impacts our lives.

Features of Intuition, whose title is a tribute to the poet father of the artist, is an apprehension of the world that during the time of a brief exposure is no longer what it was, and probably will not be so in the near future. Making the economy of deductive reasoning, intuition, according to philosophy, brings to mind instantly the object of knowledge, grasping it immediately, and lends its memory certainty.

-Ami Barak