The body is the basis of my existence within a chronotope – it is the formula of the time I am embodying. The body designates my presence in reality, changing as this reality is experienced. The body carries the mark of all that it has lived through; it is the shell, the mask, the presentation of the soul. The soul is held by the body inside the structure of a singular eventfulness. The body gives the soul a story with a beginning, development, and ending. The body reveals the line between the soul – I – and everything else, thus giving the soul a chance to be – to be an independent, self-expressed unit. To have a boundary between itself and the world. The body does not simply contain the soul – it is itself the soul, expressed in time. Without the body, without boundaries, the soul cannot be separated from everything else, and does not exist. The fact of existence is based on time, and time acts as a boundary. The boundary between Everything and Me. My body is my time.