Russia. Realism of the XXI century — St. Petersburg: Palace Editions, 2018

The catalogue presents works of contemporary realist artists: Ilya Gaponov, Dmitry Gretsky and Evgenia Katz, Vadim Grigoriev-Bashun, Alexander Dashevsky, Kirill Koteshov, Olga Osnach, Alexander Tokarev, Mikhail Khazin, Alan Khatagty, Kirill Chelushkin, etc. Artists are not part of any creative association, they work in their own direction. Many of these masters are brought together by the desire to fix in an acute, sometimes provocative form, a new angle of view, under which the realistic tradition is currently being considered. This is not the realism of the nineteenth or twentieth century familiar to the view, at first "critical", then "socialist". The works in the catalog show various ways of development of the realistic tradition in the work of contemporary Russian artists working on the verge of academicism, photorealism and other variations of this trend that arose in the last decades of the twentieth century.

ISBN 978-5-93332-624-3