Artists Elena Gubanova (b. 1960, Ulyanovsk, USSR) and Ivan Govorkov (b. 1949, Leningrad, USSR) work together since 1990, implementing their creative tasks in the direction of abstract art. 

The works by Elena Gubanova are distinguished by dynamic alloy of rich textures, different materials, complex volumes and unusual colors. Color options she uses easily and freely. This complex combination of saturated color sound and complete lack colors that replace the shades and light. 

Ivan Govorkov is the artist of pronounced intellectual type, prone to paradoxes. He owns excellent variety of materials and technical capabilities. Having mastered the visual languages of classic and contemporary, he is just like playing on the borders are incompatible.

Primary solo exhibitions


  • Time keeping, Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • The shadow of the void, Kyousei-no-Sato Museum Kurogawa Inn, Fukuoka, Japan


  • Inventions, Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Roman Dreams, Frants Gallery Space New York, USA
  • Science and life, gallery Art-reFlex Saint-Petersburg, Russia


  • The space of possibilities, Barbarien art gallery Zurich, Switzerland


  • FIltering the White Noise, Frants Gallery Space New York, USA


  • Playing classics, Marina Gisich Gallery Saint-Petersburg, Russia


  • Apollo and Daphne, gallery Kvadrat– gallery Mansarda Genoa, Italy
  • Delicate Vibration, The Kvadra T gallery Saint-Petersburg, Russia


  • Volume Palkin Gallery Saint-Petersburg, Russia


  • Spring sale, S.P.A.S. Gallery Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Book, De-veik Gallery, Holland
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