17 february 2017 - 20 april 2017

The drawings, paintings and objects in this series were created using the artist's signature method of "find and improve": the artist mixes prints, oil paints and stickers, creating a multi-layered tautological collage. Inside, they feature separate digital collages – "photoshop contests".

The name of the project refers to the fable "The Dragonfly and the Ant", though it has been changed beyond recognition. It's as if we begin with a story about a grasshopper and an ant, but then the subject changes so drastically that we lose the thread of the narrative. A similar sensation arises from Ivan Gorshkov's exhibition.

Sometimes a work is even a combination of incompatible images, textures and scenes, but they are bound together ​​by the painting technique itself – multiple layering. The artist creates a situation where the rules are constantly changing and we must find new approaches, so we have to resort to plans B, C and D. A portrait flows into a landscape, the landscape becomes a battle scene, then it turns into a texture and morphs back into a portrait. The elements of a painting swirl around, winking at each other, so the viewer can't let his guard down.

The approach to scale is also worth noting. The paintings and sculptures have both macro- and microcosms: the eye on a large portrait is a separate portrait in itself, while all the elements of the picture are involved in a complex fluid relationship.

Most of the stickers depict faces. The result is that everything is oversaturated with attitudes and personalities. As often happens in life, these staring faces await us in unexpected places.

The artist uses "photoshopped" images as a special technique and adds it to the traditional painter's toolkit, alongside the line and the spot.

It functions like a special "extra-charged" brushstroke. Including "photoshopped" images and internet pictures in paintings is an attempt to make "laughs" do serious business, to harness the fun into serious art.