14 december 2015 - 15 february 2016

Marina Gisich Gallery announces December 14th as the celebration day of 15th Anniversary of the gallery and launches the group exhibition project titled “Provenance”. The group exhibition by more than 15 artists will occupy the 300 sq. m space of 1st and 2nd floors of the gallery premises on Fontanka embankment in St. Petersburg.

“Provenance” project sets the important market questions of the value and significance of the contemporary piece of art. What is worth seeing for the collector? How shall we choose “the right” artist? “Provenance” is a history, process and the result of professional collaboration between the gallery and artists, museums, auction houses, foundations, curators and mass media. The gallery team makes the story of each artwork and the whole series of artworks, starting from the premiere exhibition of the artist at the gallery until its presentation at the auctions and organizing the retrospective show at the museums in Russia and abroad.

The concept of the “Provenance” project – the must know & must have artists from the gallery for the coming 5 years. These are names, which are being developed by the gallery during the recent decade and which the gallery is focused on for the nearest future.

Artists: Marina Alexeeva, Gleb Bogomolov, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Semyon Motolyanets, Alexander Chernogrivov, Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Peter Belyi, Alexey Gan, Nadia Zubareva, Vladimir Kustov, Gregori Maiofis, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Kirill Chelushkin, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Morozov, Kerim Ragimov, Tim Parchikov.