LAYER. 2019.

30 july 2019 - 14 september 2019

In Peter Belyi’s exhibition ‘LAYER’ the multiple meanings of this concept play out, giving space to the viewer’s imagination. Burned openings through which one can see the inside surface are interlocked with invisible heroes of the exhibition, also burned people, homeless and Tajik-builders, migrant workers, the layers of society that we do not see and from whom we turn away. What is happening there, the artist is asking, in that unknown world, how are things in relation to beauty outside of our bourgeois framework? Do the marginalized layers of society see it in the same way as we do, we who go to exhibition openings and parties? More generally, the exhibition is speaking of beauty, no matter what form it takes, as the only force able to genuinely unite society and if it cannot ‘save the world’, it can at least make it less cruel.