Aphrodite's Girdle. MH KA Museum. 2017.

4 july 2017 - 30 july 2017

M HKA reserves its fifth floor for surprising interventions and intimate pop-up presentations. INBOX is a place that inspires and surprises, one that offers us a glimpse into the world of passionate thinkers and doers. With INBOX, M HKA creates a physical space in which the museum addresses often-recurring questions.

In the periods between the various events, the museum presents a selection of the works from its collection, with particular attention to video art.

The video should be interpreted within the context of post-feminist activist works. It doesn’t offer criticism on the male dominance, instead it critiques this critique. The puppet show-like scenes with cardboard figurines, paintings and other objects clarify that the woman are proud and haven’t lost the control over their own existence.