15 october 2014 - 14 november 2014

Organizers: Museum of Moscow, North-West Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA).

The "Another Capital" exhibition dedicated to the contemporary art of St. Petersbwas opened at the Museum of Moscow in the Provision Warehouses on October 14, 2014. Its key theme is the interpretation by St. Petersburg artists of their city and its cultural heritage in dialogue and dispute with Moscow.

The works of 68 contemporary St. Petersburg artists - painting, installations, objects, photography and multimedia - were selected by curators from two cities - Evgenia Kikodze and Olesya Turkina. The exhibition is conceived as a metaphorical, alternative plan of the city, collected from the works of authors important for the St. Petersburg scene. Among the exhibitors there are only contemporary artists representing different generations of unofficial art, traditions of important trends in the St. Petersburg underground from the 60s to the present day.

Among the works presented at the exhibition are paintings by members of the Mitki group Ivan Sotnikov and Vladimir Shinkarev, video installations by Marina Alekseeva, naive painting by Olga and Alexander Florensky, installation by Vladimir Kozin, paintings by Evgeny Yufit and Oleg Kotelnikov, Alexander Morozov, Alexander Dashevsky, objects by Pavel Brother, Stas Bags, Pyotr Bely, embroidery by Tatyana Akhmetgalieva, media installation by Dmitry Lurie, as well as works by Valeria Nibiru, Ivan Plyushch and many other artists.

“The differences and peculiarities presented to us by contemporary art in St. Petersburg are easiest to identify by comparing it with the Moscow landscape,” says the co-curator of the exhibition, Evgenia Kikodze. "The comparison makes the description of trends more complete and voluminous." “The exhibition metaphorically recreates the urban space with its avenues, streets and courtyards and follows in the footsteps of those who inherited the myths, fantasies and ghosts of St. Petersburg,” says co-curator Olesya Turkina.

For the opening of the exhibition, a catalog "Another Capital" was published with articles by curators and exhibitors on the history of St. Petersburg art groups and trends.

Curators: Evgeniya Kikodze, Olesya Turkina.