At the beginning of my residency, I tried to learn French with the help of a mobile application. I wanted to feel more comfortable and above all to start communicating at least a little in French. But the sentences that the application proposed to me to learn proved to be almost inapplicable in life. Most of them were just funny, absurd, or too obvious. In many conversations, it was impossible for me to be able to answer certain questions such as complex and philosophical questions.

I have transformed this unsuccessful attempt to speak a new language into a series of intuitive graphics and embroideries, which is why my Open studio is called French Lessons.

With the help of her artistic practice, Asya Marakulina tries to understand and feel some of the general regularities found in the way nature and man live and coexist. Through her personal experience and worldview - people, nature and the city, where she finds visual and poetic parallels, which are embodied in certain universal schemes: lyrical cartography. Asya Marakuliba cares about the beauty and tragedy of life, its order and the constancy of its flow, which engulfs every moment with its transient and unique character. Using different tools and techniques - drawing, animation and textiles - she creates spaces, on the border between imaginary and real.