All of these works are united by recurring themes that repeatedly appear in Akhmetgalieva's creative output, such as illusions, multiple layers of reality, double images, and flickering meanings. In my works, a person seems to be living a life that is a rough draft, a sketch that has yet to develop a distinct form in future, the artist says, but in fact, for her the whole world in its actual reality is but a sketch that has yet to take shape. As the artist keeps looking for new forms and ceaselessly elaborates the contours and colours, her beloved Doppelgangers (2018) come into being while the most common and ordinary things mutate beyond recognition, receiving new representations. In her series of drawings If You Want Me To, I Can Disappear (2020) and Hotel Provisorium 13 (2020), berries grow thorns, tender lips conceal fangs, and a semi-abstract plant produces a bloom in the shape of a bird's head.