Vitaly Pushnitsky (b. 1967, Leningrad, USSR) is a Russian artist who works with various media, including painting, sculpture, graphics, and art objects.  

Art critic Stanislav Savitsky writes: “One of the contexts in which Vitaly Pushnitsky's artistic biography unfolds is with the students of Neo Rauch and the circle of Leipzig artists who focus on painting as the primary media of contemporary art. The debate over academicism may seem to be left behind in his distant student past, yet it has not lost its relevance after moving to German soil. After all, it was at the Leipzig Academy of Arts that it became possible to create a school of contemporary painting. For the Russian situation, this event is more than significant. No matter how independent a Russian artist is and no matter how far they depart from academism in their work, the very existence of this archaic institution determines a lot in our artistic life — the academy never loses its influence. In this area Vitaly Pushnitsky also manages to remain himself, continuing to experiment with traditional languages of fine art in such a way that his works rethink important concepts of our time. Metamodernism, currently at the center of heated debate among critics and intellectuals, is revealed to us as artistic experience rooted in tradition and granting the artist creative freedom.”