Maria Koshenkova (b. 1981).

Artist's Statement

'In my works I merge the essential raw conditions of being human (which my Russian background has installed in me) with my adopted Scandinavian aesthetics. My focus is on communicating strong ideas and emotions. To create an aesthetic experiences with mul-tiple interpretations of meanings. I usually develop a series of sculptures within the same conceptual framework. My artistic method is in most cases genius loci. My works originate directly from situation they con-ceived. My art brought me to many different places. And every travel is chang-ing my optic! I do not aim to develop a single language or a recognizable technique - I always choose the language after the idea'.

Maria Koshenkova



  • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen. Denmark


  • State Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg – MA degree, Russia
  • Glassblowing course, Bornholm, Denmark
  • Glass Design Program at Kalmar University, Sweden
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