Begalska Vika / Vilkin Alexander



Was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Graduated from the State Academy for Design and Art in Kharkov. Lives and works in Moscow.

2014 — founded Teresa Creative Union of sex-workers and artists, in partnership with Alexandr Vilkin and Diana Portlend, St. Petersburg.

2013 — founded the FEMINIST KITCHEN an art platform integrating artistic and social projects aimed against social injustice and the subordinate role of the woman in the society, in partnership with Oksana Sarkisyan, Moscow.


1982 — was born in Snezhinsk, Russia.

2003 — graduated from Chelyabinsk Art College.

2005-2010 — studied at Northwestern Institute of Printing Arts, St. Petersburg.

Since 2014 — studied at “Base” Institute, Moscow.

2014 — founded a creative art group of artists and sex-workers “Teresa” in cooperation with Vika Begalska and Diana Portland, St. Petersburg.

2006 — founded an art-group “Prosthetics” in cooperation with Mezheritskiy and Ushenko, St. Petersburg.

2006 — participation in the creative alliance “Parasite”, St. Petersburg.

Since 2014 Vika Begalska and Alexander Vilkin are working together.

Were the Invited Artists at the following art residences:

ROSTAIR, Lofoten, Norway (2015),

The Foundation of V. Smirnov and K. Sorokin, Moscow, Russia (2015),

Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia (2013)

Primary solo exhibitions


  • “Rafflesianism”, Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia


  • “Pilgrim”. Red Centre, Moscow, Russia (Vilkin)


  • “Fridge”. Book Graphics Library, St. Petersburg, Russia (Vilkin)


  • “Podes and Antipodes”. Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Begalska)
  • “Be Deadly”. Alaska Project, Sydney, Australia (Begalska)
  • “From Valia with Love, Vanishing Point”. Contemporary Visual Art Space, Sydney, Australia (Begalska)
  • “Extended-day group for a deer”. Graphic Art Hall, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia (Vilkin)
  • “Zoochurch”. Be in Art, Moscow, Russia (Vilkin)
  • “ZooWar”. Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary art (KICA), Russia (Vilkin)


  • “Double surprise”. Ruskomplekt, St. Petersburg, Russia (Vilkin)


  • “Luquid Sky”. Parallel project in frames of the 3 Moscow Bienniale of Contemporary Art ПROEKT FAБRИKA, Moscow, Russia (Begalska)


  • “The Only Ones”. Era Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia (Begalska)


  • “I would like to dig you”. Guelman Gallery, Kiev, Ukrane (Begalska)
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Public exhibitions


  • Mir, Trud, Maj. Oostende, Belgium
  • Trans- people. The state of insecurity, Eyrmilov Centre, Kharkov (Vilkin)


  • Exhibition of the nominees for INNOVATION X, NCCA, Moscow, Russia
  • Ura, Sculpture! Winzavod, Moscow, Russia (Vilkin)
  • Artist for city. City for artist. Moscow City Museum, Moscow, Russia (Vilkin)
  • ROST AIR. Residence, Lofoten, Norway (Vilkin)
  • Army Boots Crave Tenderness. Puppet show, Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (Vilkin)
  • To do medium. Moscow City Museum, Moscow, Russia (Vilkin)


  • Aphrodite’s Girdle. Puppet Show, creative union Teresa, Luda Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • PAINTING EXPANSION. Moscow Museum, Moscow, Russia (Begalska)
  • Naivizm. Wolfsen Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark (Vilkin)
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  • The State Tretyakov Gallery
  • MUKHA, Antwerp, Belgium
  • NCCA, Moscow, Russia
  • MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
  • Era Foundation, Moscow, Russia
  • Foundation MAAC, Brussel, Belgium
  • Matrix Art Project, Brussel, Belgium
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